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Parents' Coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland 

The Parents' Coalition of Montgomery County, Maryland is a citizen's network dedicated to improving the responsiveness and performance of the Montgomery County Public Schools. Drawing from education advocacy groups throughout Montgomery County, Maryland, the Parents' Coalition seeks to use the political process to achieve the goals of coherent, content-rich curriculum standards; high expectations combined with timely remediation and acceleration; a wider range of educational options for parents and children; greater transparency and accountability; and meaningful community input.

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Parents' Coalition of Montgomery County, MD


Read Parents' Coalition articles about Superintendent Jerry Weast's decision to close Monocacy Elementary School here.

MCPS Graduation Trends from 2002-2008 showing trend by race and sex of students here.  Overall trend shows a declining rate of graduation among MCPS students.

MCPS Grade 3 Maryland School Assessment (MSA) Reading Trend by Race from 2003-2009 here.

Trends in Grade 3 Maryland State Assessments (MSA) Reading Gap in Maryland, MCPS, Howard County and Baltimore County show that the achievement gap is closing in all 4 jurisdictions.  A chart comparing MSA scores by race in all 4 jurisdictions along with the per pupil expenditures is shown here.


What we don't know about MCPS performance on the 2009 Maryland State Assessments (MSA) here.

An analysis of Grade 3 reading "gap" trends. The analysis uses state data and compares the wealthiest district with one of the poorest. The question raise by the analysis is: where does the extra expenditure by the wealthy school system go?


The 2008-2009 school year Maryland State Assessments

The results are in, overall MCPS ranked 8th out of the 24 school systems state wide. In Mathematics, MCPS ranked 10th, while Reading was 5th.

Although MCPS leads the state in per pupil education spending, its educational results appear out of sync with that investment.

See the statewide rankings for each county here.

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Need help filing a Maryland Public Information Act request?  Click here for the Maryland Attorney General's Manual on MPIA requests with information and sample letters. 

Remember, the P in MCPS stands for PUBLIC!


High School Assessment (HSA) Pass  Rates as shown in relation to FARMS, Wealth, and Education Spending in each of Maryland's 24 counties.

Click here to view scattergrams showing the correlation between High School Assessment (HSA) pass rates for 2009 Maryland Seniors against the percentage of students qualifying for Free and Reduced Meals (FARMS), Wealth, & Education Spending in each county.The scattergrams are based on publicly available data from the Maryland State Department of Education.


Percentage of Seniors
who have passed
the Maryland High School Assessment (HSA)

Click here to view a chart
showing the percentage
of 2009 seniors in each
Maryland county who have
taken and passed all 4 High
School Assessment (HSA)
exams.  The counties have
been ranked starting with
the county that has the
highest percentage of
seniors who have been
cleared to graduate based
on the HSA requirement,
down to the county with
the lowest percentage.
Based on this information,
MCPS ranks 19th out of
24 Maryland counties.
This chart is based on
information released by
MSDE on October 28, 2008.


MCPS Change in Enrollment by grade level from 2003-2007

Click here to view graphs showing the change in enrollment at each grade level in MCPS from 2003-2007.  The graphs show the overall change in enrollment by race designation as students moved from one grade to the next.  For example, one graph shows the percentage of students that enter MCPS at 9th grade.  The graphs were prepared by Bob Astrove using MCPS data. 
For questions or information on this data please use the "contact us" e-mail at the top of this page. 


What we don't know about the pathway to college readiness.

A Power Point Presentation using Maryland State Department of Education and
 Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) testing data to track the progress of MCPS students.
This presentation has been prepared by MCPS parent Kumar Singam.  For comments or questions on
this presentation please send an e-mail to

Click here to view the power point presentation.


The BusRadio Story:

December 9, 2008:
Montgomery County Public
School parents learn that their children have been riding buses with piped in "kid radio" from the company doing business as BusRadio. BusRadio has been banned by the New York State Board of Regents, the South Carolina State Board of Education, and the product is opposed by 50 organizations including the
Campaign for a
Commercial-Free Childhood
and National PTA.

Extensive information about
this product is available on
Campaign for a
Commercial-Free Childhood


December 10, 2008:
Campaign for a
Commercial-Free Childhood
letter to Superintendent Weast on MCPS use of BusRadio.
Letter from Obligations, Inc.
to Superintendent Weast,
MCPS Board of Education,
MCCPTA President,
MCCPTA Officers and MCCPTA Cluster Coordinators. The letter
was sent on November 17, 2008. Obligations, Inc did not receive any response to their letter from the MCPS Superintendent, the MCPS Board of Education or MCCPTA.

UPDATE December 11, 2008:
MCPS terminates use of
letter from
Larry Bowers, MCPS COO.

WTOP: BusRadio gets turned off for good. Didn't even know what it was? Neither did one school Superintendent.
Kate Ryan reports.

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December 11, 2008

Contact: Josh Golin

For Immediate Release

Montgomery County Pulls
the Plug on BusRadio

Today, Montgomery County
Public Schools (MCPS)
decided to terminate their
relationship with BusRadio,
the controversial company
created to force children
to listen to commercialized
radio broadcasts on school
buses around the country.
MCPS’s decision came
after the Campaign for a
Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) sent a letter to MCPS superintendent Dr.
Jerry Weast urging him to
end the use of BusRadio
on MCPS school buses.
Montgomery County had
been using BusRadio in a
number of school buses
on a trial basis. With 96,000 school bus riders,
Montgomery County would
have been BusRadio’s
largest school district. The
following is CCFC’s
statement on Montgomery
County’s decision:

The Campaign for a
Montgomery County
Public Schools
for their
decision to terminate their
relationship with BusRadio.
No school district should
turn their students over to
a company whose stated
goal is to “take student-
targeted marketing to the
next level” or force children
to listen to advertisements
on their way to and from

CCFC also congratulates
the Parents Coalition of
Montgomery County
their advocacy efforts and
for drawing attention to
BusRadio’s presence in
Montgomery County.
The events of the past
twenty-four hours
demonstrate once again
that when parents learn
the truth about BusRadio,
they want no part of it for
their children. We hope
that parents around the
country will continue to
utilize our
BusRadio resources
and those of
Obligation, Inc
– to keep their school
buses commercial-free.

The Campaign for a
Commercial-Free Childhood
is a national coalition of
health care professionals,
educators, advocacy groups
and concerned parents who
counter the harmful effects
of marketing to children
through action, advocacy,
education, research, and
collaboration among
organizations and individuals who care about children.
CCFC supports the rights of
children to grow up – and the rights of parents to raise them – without being
undermined by rampant
commercialism. For more
information, please visit:
http://www. commercialfree

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